The Hong Kong Flower Market
is growing and adding more
Succulent Plants and
some very wierd offerings

Buyer Beware!

Tuesday October 13, 2009

Very Busy on a Tuesday afternoon
Huge Dragon Fruit, US$1.50 each
Nice Cereus in a pot
This is new - PAINTED CACTI! How Awful - What a shame for the melocactus
Not just one stall. Almost all are Golden Barrels - Not good enough to be Golden any longer
This guy is Hong Kong's answer to Altman - actual names on the plants
Beautiful big Golden Barrell about 14" (36cm)
across - Price HK$480 about US$60
Lots of Aloe vera - cut leaves or potted plants
Nice little Aloe variegata About US$7
Lots of grafted cacti - China is producing this for the entire world now
More grafts
This is strange!
Lots of cute gardens - look at the glued on flowers in the center one
Hydroponic cacti - unbelievable
I think these are fruit pods from some cactus, glued together and glued to the top of these poor cereus
Lots of varieties of succulents for sale
For every freaky plant there were nice ones
Interesting orchid pots
An assortment of Air Plants
Good old Jade - Expensive at US$8
Lots of cacti too

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