In the Veldt on a Saturday Afternoon

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We had a chance to go to the Veldt last Saturday. A favorite place of ours. It's Spring here, nights are cold (less than 40 f). New flowers everywhere. Lots of rain this winter and the Veldt is very green.

This guy in our yard as we set out
Beautiful first bloom on a Gibeum

Glottyphyllum regium

Nice mesemb
Close up of the flower
Scletium in flower
Purple flowers are fantastic
Freesia in flower (thousands)
a different glot
Euphorbia heptagona
Nice! Conophytum and Haworthia
More Haworthia
"Angry Face"
Crassula pyramidalis in flower
More Angry Face
Yvonne's favorite - Karoo Violet
Fantastic spot
Anacampseros ready to flower

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