South Africa 2009
Day 1

We're on our way. We had a long layover in London,
7 1/2 hours, so we jumped on the "Tube" and went
to Kew Botanical Gardens. Just a brief fast tour
that ended in the Princess of Wales Conservatory.
What a wonderful display of Succulents, Bromeliads, Orchids
and other beautiful plants.

Kew Gardens 250 Years

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The Pagoda, visible from the entire grounds
The Temperate House
The Largest surviving Victorian Glass House
Beautiful Water Lilies in the Water Lily House
Where the good stuff is
Euphorbia aff. kalisana?
Senecio stapeliformis
Euphorbia cooperi
Espostoa lanata
Echinopsis atacamensis
Scilla madeirensis
Golden Barrel with No Spines
Echinopsis huascha- missed by 8 hours
Parodia camarapana
Tephrocactus molinensis
Pereskia aculeata
Lithops and other Mesembs
Georgeous Golden Barrels
Labeled Opuntia moelleri
Beautiful orchids
Rhipsalis goebiliana for Daiv
Who's taking who's picture?
Aechmea paniculigera
Aechmea 'primera'
Green Water Dragon
Water Lilies in the Conservatory too
250 Years and Counting

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