South Africa 2009
Day 11
Starting at the top of Gannaga Pass, down 1000
meters in elevation to the Tankwa Karoo National
Park of South Africa. What a day!

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Gannaga Lodge
A hare in the road just after dawn
At the top of Gannaga Pass
In the Pass
Hoodias everywhere
Beautiful Cotelydon undulata
Tylecodon reticuatus
Euphorbia ?
Springbok antelope
Talk about matching your environment
He's a sleek one
Euphorbia mauritanica
Stapelia in a bush
Aloe microstigma
More Euphorbia unk.
Haworthia arachnoides
Tylecodon wallichii
Beautiful bulb
A very stickery bush
More Hoodia
More Tylecodon

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