South Africa 2009
Days 4 & 5
RAINING. We went anyway. Visited the South African
Penguins in a driving rain. They were not exactly happy
either. The land at the end of the Cape is beautiful beyond
description. Fynbos is the name for the group of plants that grow here. Proteas, Ericas, Succulents and thousands
more beautiful plants. We went to the Victoria and Albert
Waterfront extravaganza. Old warfs turned in to
hundreds of restaurants and shops. Great dinner in a Greek
seafood restaurant.

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Oh, I forgot to mention that we found Ernie Els' winery. The best for me, not so good for the girls.
Nice entrance, raining, but impressive
Does the rain ever stop?
I think this is a good place to get out of the weather


Who cares!
The Desert Botanical Garden in Worchester
Euphorbias on display
Astroloba spiralis
Sheilam Nursery
They got a lot bigger in three years
Nice tylecodon
V&A Waterfront

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