South Africa 2009
Day 6
Our first day in the Little Karoo (Klein Karoo) if you live
here. Succulent heaven. No matter where you look, under
any bush, there are succulents.
We owe a great thatnks to Alex Fick who guided us for 4
fantastic days. Alex lives in the beautiful small town Caltizdorp
which is right in the center of the Klein Karoo. Beautiful home,
delightful nursery.
Thanks again Alex for a wonderful plant experience!

Click on the pictures to make them larger

At Alex Fick's home and nursery. Super large glottiphyllum, lovely aloe bloom and what do you think about that Tiger Jaws?
First you see one Crassula orbicularis, then you see hundreds
Senecio articularis in habitat
Crassula hemispherica
Adromischus filicaulis
Did you ever see one stem of C. muscosa
Wonderful Tylecodon wallichii
Maybe a Quaqua
This is an Aloe striata hybrid (natural)
Crassula nudicaulis?
Haworthia cymbiformis in hiding
Where's Waldo? Count the succs
Gibbeam pubescens
Gibbeam and Glott loving life
Crassula congesta
Adromischus triflorus
Gibbeaum cryptopodium
Another gibbaeum?
Aloe comptonii
Small aloe with friends
Aloe variegata
Cotyledon orbiculata

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