South Africa 2011
Day 3
Down the Cape peninsula from Stellenbosch to Simon's Town to see the African Penguins and then to see some aloes in habitat. Lunch at a winery that's been in business since 1682. Lovely day.

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The penguins are too cute.
Where did all you guys go?
Just another day at the beach
Penguin love
OK, I'm coming!
In thr parking lot, Africa for sale
Shining his wares
Warning! Don't stop for the Baboons - How can you not?
Kelly gave us the location for two aloes that we've never seen in habitat. Here they are, Thanks Kelly!
Leucondendron - marker plant
Aloe commixta
Aloe succotrina, all over the rocks
A very unusual Cotyledon
Overlooking Simon's Town, What a Day!
Aloes in the rocks. Fabulous!
Lunch at Steenburg Winery. In business since 1682! In the famous Constancia region near Cape Town.

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