South Africa 2011
Ariving in Namibia and the Fish River Canyon
According to the Namibians, this canyon is the
second largest on earth. Stark, beautiful and a
wonderful guest lodge.

The first picture shows the bridge across the Orange River, how about that impressive entrance to Namibia, just over our car's width. The Orange River, over 2000 miles long is the life blood of this region. Agriiculture on both sides. Unbelievable vineyards as far as you can see.

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Crossing the Orange River
Aloe gariepensis on a cliff
Interesting little melons

View of the Lodge at Fish River Canyon, climbed a koppie for a "Sundowner"

Our quaint accommodation 6 km from the lodge. Gravel road, no light. Fun after a bottle of wine at dinner
Quiver Trees on the way to the Lodge

Fish River Canyon, Spectacular!
Rock Rosettes near the Lodge
Tapestry on the wall at the bar at Ai Ais which is the HQ of the Fish River Canyon Park
Too cute, not me, the napkin folded to look like a Springbok

Sunset at Fish River Canyon

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