South Africa 2011
Farm Tiras, Southern Namibia
This is one of those special places that has succulents growing everywhere. Our hostess (owner of the farm) Anita offered to show us some of them. We were up before light and had a fabulous 3 hours on the farm, touring in her ancient (1972, older than ours) Land Rover truck. My butt still hurts. We gave Yvonne the soft seat inside.

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On our way to Farm Tiras, we saw some interesting things, here they are
These are Oryx, or Gemsbok, what we had for dinner that night at Farm Tiras. Delicious
A baby Oryx. Don't think about it

Zebra from a distance

Euphorbia avasmontana
Ostrich and her chicks, running away from us
Farm Tiras, part of a newly formed conservancy, the Tiras Nature Reserve
Farm Tiras with the Tiras Mountains in the background
Do I have to get back in?
Monsonia (Sarcocaulon) salmoniflorum
Pelargonium xerophyton
Ficus - looks like ones in Baja Mexico


Hydnora africana. Parasite on euphorbia plants
Crassula brevifolia
Cotyledon (Plakkie) orbicularis
Perfect balance
Same rock walking under and from the side. Watch your head!
Lithops karasmontans ssp. bella
Lithops schwantesii
Anacampseros namaquensis (unless someone has a better idea)
Larryleachea cactiformis
Klipspringer, the only family we've seen
More Euphorbia namibensis
Can Opener Rock
Beautiful small Aloe dichotoma
Sansevieria aethiopica

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