South Africa 2011
From Springbok to Lambert's Bay
We bid farewell to Karel and beautiful Namaqualand. One short stop in the Knersvlakte (quartz flats) to visit some of our favorite mesembs and on to Lambert's Bay

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A few plants in the Knersvlakte
3 different Conophytums in one field. No more than 100 ft. (30 meters) from one another.
We don't agree, I think this is Dactylopsis
Dactylopsis digitata (Vinger-en-duimpie)
Argyroderma (Bababoudjies, Baby bums)
On to the sea
Euphorbia schoenlandii, yes that's the Atlantic Ocean just down the hill
Aloe mitriformis ssp. distans
Beautiful pelargoniums
Conophytums all in a row
Spotted Thick-knee
Man-made Cormorant nests
Gannets at Lambert's Bay. Noise and smell. Thousands of them nesting. Where am I supposed to land?
BIG bug in the Knersvlakte
Probably our favorite place to eat anyhere. All fresh seafood. That's the owner finishing the evening cooking. 8 different fish, plus a bunch of shellfish. Fantastic!
Sunset at Muisbosskerm. I could almost see Brazil.

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