South Africa 2011
Sossusvlei Dunes Namibia
Unbelievable red dunes for hundreds of miles in all directions. There is so little rainfall in this part of the Namib Desert, that the dunes, while stable, have not begun to support plant life. Our drive to the dunes (300km) saw a wonderful little euphorbia and herds of wild animals.

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Wild Horses of the Namib. National project to protect them. Hundreds
Running Ostritch - faster than our car
Herd of Zebra
Springing Bokke
Black-backed Jackal
Euphorbia namibensis
Larryleachia cactiformis
Dune lily
Spectacular dunes of the Namib
That's a long walk
Vlei means pan, where water was, Dead means dead.
Incredible former life

Bird, we'll figure out what kind later
I was waiting for these guys to start selling me Windex

Bokkes and Ostrich

What a treat. This Springbok was orphaned and is being raised by the farm owner. I'm feeding him California Pepper tree leaves.

Up the dune to Deadvlei

Great Chalet, cnvas roof and sides, zipper windows.
Sunrise over the Namib
Sunset in the same place

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