South Africa 2011
A Day in the Steinkopf Vicinity
Karel gave us some spots to look at, including one Koppie (small hill) made entirely of quartz. That's always a good indicator that lots of succulent plants will be growing there. We also revisited one of our first ever sites in South Africa, the Granite Caps.

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On the way from Namibia to Springbok, we stayed one night near Upington, SA at the Spitskop Game Park.
Beautiful Sunset
Near Steinkopf
Cheiridopsis peculiaris - a field full, the only place it grows and in full bloom just for us.
Cheiridopsis cigaretifera
From the top of the hill at C. peculiaris location - Steinkopf in the background
Aloe gariepensis and more at the Quartz Koppie
Nature's garden
Crassula namaquensis
Pelargonium aridicola - Look Ma, no leaves!
Ornithogollum suaveolens
Anacampseros namaquensis
Beautiful Crassula - two colors
Crassula deceptor
Tylecodon wallichii
Ornithogollum dubium

Ornithogollum in a Granite Cap. How do they do that?

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