Day 11, Travel south to Nieuwoudtville

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We have no internet connection tonight or tommorow, so we are putting these together day by day and will send them when we can.

Today was fascinating. We drove through big open country, like Montana or West Texas. Miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles. Beautiful country, quaint ranches and farms along the way. We saw several herds of Springbok and got close enough to one to get some pics. Very exciting.

We got to the Beeswater Project after noon and were treated to a plant extrvaganza. Conophytums, and a myriad of small succulents growing wild in quartz fields. Plants everywhere, you could not step at all without hurting some small succulent plant. We're so used to seeing these plants one at a time in shows and at nurseries, that we got on plant overlaod soon after entering the reserve. Got over it though and spent 3 hours on our hands and knees taking pictures.

Today have traveled from the mountains near Springbok at 4,000 plus feet to the planes where Beeswater is, around 800 feet to Nieuwoudtville at about 5,000 feet. The countryside is fantastics, and we now sit on an escarpment that is straight up 4,000 feet. We are staying at a Guesthouse on a farm that dates nearly 120 years. Wonderful dinner and looking forward to tomorrow.

We did not go there
We went here
Crassula capitella
Conophytum minuta
Conophytum calculus
Conophytum pillansii
fissum, Baby Bums
New Grasshopper
Great Spider
Oophyyum nanum
Vinger en Duimpe
Nursery Entrance - Aloe
dichotoma, Aloe ramosisima
Aloe pillansii
Fun in Namaqualand

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