Day 12, Exploring Nieuwoudtville

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Day 12 found us in an unbelievably complex botanical region. The four surrounding areas converge here and the resulting plant and animal life are very diverse.

Specifically, we drove 25 miles east of town and found a huge forest of Aloe dichotoma, larger and more dense than any we had seen in the more representative areas of Namaqualand where they are native. Technically, these are is the southern most part of Namaqualand, but this forest was crazy.

Near the forest is the beginning of a river that flows east. It starts in the meadows of the plateau where Nieuwoudtville lies and within a few miles has carved a gorge flowing east off of the plateau. It eventually is swallowed up by the enormous Great Karoo desert. About 40 miles west is the beginning of another river that flows west. It also has carved a gorge and falls from the plateau where Nieuwoudtville lies to the plains below and on to the Atlantic to the west. Fantastic, beautiful and wondrous.

Part of the discovery of the second falls was a 2 1/2 hour hike to find some Bushman cave paintings. We got pretty lost, scratched and hot, bit never found the paintings. We did find some interesting plants, and that, after all is why we are here!
Quiver Tree
Tylecodon paniculatus
Aloe perfoliata
Doring River Upper Falls
Lower Falls
River Falls
Blue Crane
Sacred Ibis
Red Bishop
Nieuwoudtville Church

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