Day 18, Field Trip to the Oudtshoorn Area

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This page of pics is actually day 18 through 20.

We took a very nice field trip to the east of Calitzdorp near the town of Oudtshoorn, which is the access to the caves from earlier in the week and very near Louis Jordaan's farm. This area is unbelievably rich in succulents. Every place that we've gone has revealed more and different plants.

We, looking at them, could not comprehend the Haworthia truncata at this site. They were literally solid on the ground for hundreds of feet in all directions. The most successful plants were growing under nurse bushes, but they were everywhere. The exposed ones had a lot more red on them and tended to be a little beat-up looking, but WOW!

We saw two different pachypodiums, succulentum and bispinosum, but in the wild, they are nothing much more than spiny weeds. The caudexes are buried and other than the one pictured none were in flower.

We saw ceropegias, and a very unusual asclepiad, Microloma sagittatum. A terrific day to wind up the field trips put on by the conference.

The picture here is very representative of views we've had for three weeks. This land is fantastically rich in flowering plants. Just think, all of the purple color in this picture are flowers on succulents.
Every Morning in South Africa
Lovely Church from our Guest House
Tapestries in the Church hall site of the Conference
Final dinner at an Ostrich Palace
View from the breakfast veranda
Very interesting conservation project by schoolchildren
Tortise in the Grootkop
How's this for a grasshopper, supposed to be poisonous
Beautiful vews in all directions
A field full of Cotyledons
Lunch site on the field trip
Aloe variegata, hundreds
under bushes
Crassula capitella everywhere
A variegated form
Pachypodium bispinosum
A very interesting ascplepiad Microloma sagittatum
Euphorbia clandestina
Dromea, looks like a snake
in the veld
Beautiful Gasteria brachyphylla
Aloe humilis
Glottiphyllum depressum
Aloe Striata x Comptonii
Another wildflower
Senecio radicans
Interesting Coyledon form
Thorn trees everywhere
Euphorbia ican'trememberi
Aloe microstigma
Collection of plants by Mom
So many Haworthia truncata, you could not walk

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