Day 5, Whale Watching at Hermanus

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We were up with the sun and out to Hermanus, which is world famous for Whale Watching. The Southern Right Whale bear their young in Walker Bay there. We watched one whale with his tail in the air for about an hour, but he was too far away and the pics didn't turn out. Sorry. Wish you were here.

We introduced ourselves to a very cute animal (the Rock Hyrax known here as Dassie) and his family as well as a troop of baboons on the highway. All of the tour busses and cars just stopped and everyone was out taking pictures.

The once a year flower festival was on and we really enjoyed the dispays.

We got back to Cape Town with a little light left to see the really opulent Mount Nelson Hotel. It is one of the Orient Express hotels.
Beautiful Beginning
He's the Resident Expert
A Troop of Baboons on
the Highway to Hermanus
Walker Bay
at Hermanus
A Dassie having lunch
Yvonne having lunch
Hermanus Wildflower
At Fernkloof
The ladies loo in Hermanus
Devils Peak in Capetown
The Mount Nelson Hotel

We would have stayed here,
only $300 per night, PER

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