Days 6 and 7, North to Namaqualand

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We drove north from Cape Town on Friday morning and spent the day touring the countryside, stopping for tortoises which are crossing the road at this time of year to find mates. Very cute, but very dangerous for them when we are traveling at 70 mph. Yvonne picked the little guy in the picture up and moved him off of the road. People that we spoke with later in the day, all had stories about them.,

The harbor at Lambert's Bay (our overnight stopping point) is very quaint and reminds me of the Oregon coast 50 years ago. There is a colony of Gannets that breed on a little island in the harbor and they are really beautiful. All kinds of bad guys, seals, gulls, mongoose, rats and cats are after the eggs. They maintain, with a little help from their human friends.

The same harbor holds a small fleet of diamond mining boats that actually vacuum the seabed and bring the sand and gravel to the boat where it is sorted for diamonds. Very tough work for the guy who guides the working end of the vacuum hose on the sea floor.

Today was beautiful and interesting, but rained the whole day. We drove through 4 completely different climatic regions, where the flora changed with the region. Our room in Springbok at the Mountain View Guest House is very nice.
Cheesemouse at Reibeek
Tortoise Xing for 50 Miles
Succulent Flowers
Norwegian Students
Bird Island
Gannet Colony at Lambert's
Diamond Vacuum Boats
Lambert's Bay Harbor
Cactus at our B&B
The Braai (BBQ)
Sunset at Lambert's Bay
Our room in Springbok,

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