Last Day, Return to Cape Town and Home

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What a wonderful three weeks. We just went and did. Fabulous plants of all descriptions, Wonderful animals, some defying description. We met beautiful people everywhere we went. Fellow travelers at the Guest Houses as well as the owners and managers of the houses.

We learned new words every day. Learned that we were pronouncing every Africaans word that we knew incorrectly and that we will never pronounce some correctly.

It goes without saying that the 60 odd people attending the Succulenta conference were all kindred souls and we've made some very nice friendships there. People from South Africa, Brazil, Kenya, England and from Tucson.

We just couldn't help ourselves. As we drove the 450 kilometers back to Cape Town on Saturday, we stopped along the road and took still more pictures of plants in the wild. We had time to visit a nursery that we hadn't been able to get to previously. The name is Sheilam Cactus & Succulent Nursery near Robertson, SA. The place has been in business since the mid 1950's with a succession of owners, but with some of the original plants in the ground. You will not see finer or bigger cacti specimens anywhere. Take a look at the cyphostema with Yvonne standing next to it. What a treat and one more wonder produced in South Africa for our enjoyment.

We can't wait to share it all in person. Thanks for looking at our emails, we certainly hope that you've enjoyed them.

Here's a little fun. No time to go in to London, but we shopped at Harrod's in the airport.
Fog rolling in
Beautiful Wildflower
Aloe perfoliata
or comptonii?
in the Rocks
Shopping in London at Heathrow Airport

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