UPDATE Feb 24 2016

OK, It's hot here. Summertime daily highs run from 32 (90 deg F) to 40 (104 deg F) from early December until now. We are in a beautiful valley that traps humidity so the night time lows tend to be warm. We have survived this summer without AC, lots of tricks using the thick stone and brick walled house to help, but thinking about next summer means discussions about AC.
Our succulent garden in the front of the house is progressing nicely, see the pics and Yvonne's vegetable garden is the talk of the town. Everyone drives by at some time during the week and they all have watched the plants explode out of the shade house. Lots of fun and fantastic greens. Tomatoes in about 1 week.

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This really brought back memories of us loading cars at our nursery, only now we are the buyers
The front end loader dumped soil over the plunbego hedge. Part top soil from a local farm and part dirt dug up from the street during the water pipe replacement ordeal.
Taming the dirt
This is a very old plant that grows nearby. Gibbeaum heathii, or in the local venacular, bababoudjies or baby bums. Take a look at the coffee can that has rusted away.
Nice, in the ground
First aloes
What a beautiful Pachypodium succulentum
From the local area, Euphorbia multiceps
Aloe speciosa to anchor this side
Aloe ferox here
The local nursery called this Yucca aloifolia
Nice! Dioscorea hemicrypta
From Alex' nursery, Half-mens or Pachypodium namaquanum
Baby toes
The vege garden - about 1 month ago
two weeks later
Monday of this week
Pumpkin exploding everywhere

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