As of today, 26 October 2015, Yvonne has a working kitchen, we have a working driveway and the painters are busy preparing the house for a new coat of paint. Electric gate on Tuesday.
We went to a "Bring and Braai" on Saturday. You bring everything inluding the bbq aparatus. everyone cooks their "braai pack" (usually lamb chops, sausage and something) on a combination of charcoal briquets and braai wood. Lots of fun at the Calitzdorp Dam. Where our municipal water comes from.
Last Saturday was an official welcome of summer at the local wine cooperative, Calitzdorp Wne Cellar. A thoroughly nice affair, wine tasting of the current vintages paired with lovely small finger foods.

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What? You're taking my picture in this mess?
OK, after all it's my new kitchen
Very nice, the salad for the Bring and Braai was delcious.
Empty boxes everywhere
The library is beautiful
Pretty imposing gate
This was last week
What a change
Calitzdorp Wine Cellar
The views from here are spectqacular
Lots of people showed up - It was free, why not?
Yvonne in conversation. Her accent is changing by the day
OPur friends Alex & Judy Fck
What a view
Mom Krissy Geyser, gets Limbo encouragement from her sons.
She got under
Bring and Braai
Everyone having a good time
Alex & Judy and Yvonne
Pineapple on the Q. That's a new thing here
The kids had the most fun

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