New Pictures 12/24/2015
Here are a few pictures of our beautiful house sinece the last update. The Municipality has finally (almost) finished the work in the street. What a mess. 3 months of dirt, dust and craziness. We have made a veggie planting area and Yvonne is populating it with seed and starts. Our across the street neighbor, Jaco is a new gardener. Making plants from seed makes him very proud. He's given Yvonne a number of interesting things including a "black tomato".

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We are very, very happy with how the house has turned out. Our contractor is one of the most detail oriented people we have ever met. His work is fantastic!
Beautiful front stoep
Getting ready for our "Stoep Party". Not one picture of the party
You can see the deck we had built for our Weber, and the finished "Weber Room"
Well. we had a very nice party, Yvonne is testing the layout
The painit colors are just beautiful
We weren't going to paint the out buildings, but there was extra paint, so the contractor had his guys paint them up.
The entry is very nice
My office
Hallway with some of my mother's paintings
Guest bedroom.
The kitchen is fantastic
Here are the lampshades that hang over the cooking island
The entry wall is beautiful
Yvonnes shade house
Nice raised beds
We learn new words all of the time. This is spanspek. That's the Africans word for cantaloupe
Horseradish. Can't wait
The stree (at least at our end) is finished.

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